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Do you want to help plant a Church in Mexico?


One-time Financial Gift - Whatever amount you are willing to give to extend the Kingdom of God is worthy of honor, and is Very Much Appreciated!

Ongoing Monthly Giving - You can have a monthly offering automatically taken directly out of your account via our secure payment process using PayPal; you set it up one time, and it automatically makes the payment for you each month until you decide you want to change the amount or stop the offering

Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Stocks & Bonds - Many people these days are getting tired of their worldly possessions and are ready to exchange them for treasures in Heaven... If you have an extra vehicle sitting around, your donation is tax-deductable and we will do the work at changing it into finances that go towards spreading the Gospel - the same goes for any donations of stocks or bonds

Estate Planned Giving - God has a lot to say about leaving a legacy, and there may be no better way to leave a legacy of generosity than planned giving that lasts beyond your days; whether it's leaving land, investments, businesses or cash accounts, more and more people can come to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior because of your generosity, even when you're in Heaven residing in the Presence and Glory of the Lord!

Affiliate Church - This is where your local church sponsors a church plant in Mexico, but does not take on the sponsorship alone; we get several churches sponsoring the one church plant

Partner Church - This is where your local Church sponsors a church plant in Mexico, from the beginning of the Church plant through the time that new Church is self-supportive

Short-term Mission Trips - From a weekend trip to one or two weeks, or even the entire summer; from one person, to a family, to the entire Church or missions group - all service unto the Lord here goes to reaching the Lost for Jesus, building up the body of Christ, and extending the Kingdom of God

Using Your Social Media, Such As Your Twitter and facebook Accounts, or Your Website(s) - How simple it is to promote this Kingdom work to your friends and family and business associates - post a link to a video on this website, an article, photos of the kids... simply copy the page address of what you want to share with others and paste it on your Social Media page asking them to share it with others; we'd Love for you to help us get the Word out about what God's doing in this part of the world, Thank You!

Please Contact Us via email at: or via mobile phone at: 928-388-9731928-388-9731      

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