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There are Various Ways You Can Invest in this Kingdom Work:

We are Demonstrating and Proclaiming Jesus' Love, Word and Power so that Multitudes of People's Lives are Changed Now, Continually and Forever!!! If you want to be a part, we are eternally grateful for your Financial, Automotive, Investment and Estate Planning gifts as you are helping us to impact lives in such a way that lasts forever...



Cash/Check: If you are sending a check or money order, you may mail them to our PO Box in Arizona: Church Mexico, PO Box 13582, San Luis, AZ 85349. If you want to designate your gift to support the missionary family leading this ministry, just simply write "Support" in the memo line and we will be sure to get those monies to them. 

EFT: You may electronically transfer money directly from your bank account to the ministry's bank account without any fees or charges. Simply log-in to your account, choose the Billpay option, then enter the ministry's account info before selecting the amount. The Church Mexico account number is: 5505000665 and the routing number is: 122106293.

PayPal: If you prefer to use the PayPal Secure Donation option, simply click on the following yellow colored DONATE button and enter your bank or credit card information in the spaces provided:

YOUR ESTATE PLANNING & INVESTMENT GIFTS Many people are realizing the huge blessing of leaving an ongoing legacy of generosity and supporting the work of the Lord while they are rejoicing in heaven. As a result of purposefully including the ministry in Estate Planning, we are able to receive deeds to properties, stoocks & bonds, and other pieces of your investment portfolio that have value. Others don't want to wait, so any of these gifts can be received at any time to be used to advance the gospel now rather than later.

YOUR GIFT OF AUTOMOBILES/RV'S/ATV'S We are able to use your vehicle for transportation purposes, or we can exchange it for it's value to purchase other items used for the work of the ministry. You can contact us via email to retrieve the vehicle, or for safe keeping until we can retrieve the vehicle, you may drop-off your auto, RV, or ATV with the title name change to Church Mexico at: 7250 Laguna Dam Rd, Yuma, AZ 85365.

May the Lord Richly Bless You and fulfill all His promises in your life here and now and much more in the life to come as you live generously for Jesus and for the Gospel!

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