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It has been stated that Church Planting is the best way to evangelize the world. We agree, and we believe that winning people to Christ and making disciples out of them is the way to do it. If you agree, we invite you to help us plant more and more Churches in this part of the World...

NEW TESTAMENT EXAMPLE - We believe that followers of Jesus are responsible for sharing the Good News about Jesus everywhere (Acts 1:8), baptizing new believers, discipling them, teaching them to obey all the Lord has commanded (Matthew 28:18-20), and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, to the building up of the body of Christ, such that it grows to the point of building itself up in love (Ephesians 4:11-16). As we read in the Bible, wherever the Apostle Paul did these things, he saw the necessity to establish local Churches. And so we seek to do the same...

METHODOLOGY - As we continue Proclaim and Demonstrate Jesus' Love, Word and Power, People's Lives are being Changed both Now and Forever. These new friends need places to congregate together, learn, pray, grow, serve, etc. We outgrow the homes we start meeting in to the point that the front yard doesn't hold everyone, so we build a Community Center, Worship Center & Discipleship Training Center where we hold services and Bible studies along with Men's and Women's groups, but also teach an array of classes, including and not limited to: financial management, godly parenting, personal hygiene, baking, musical instruments, sewing, work skills and English. We also use this facility as a place to do arts and crafts for kids, as a daycare center for working moms, as a base for short-term missionary teams who come to do outreach, as a meeting place for important community announcements and celebrations.

MORE CHURCHES - As we raise people up, we send them out to start new Bible studies in others' homes while also meeting people's practical needs in that same area. Those groups will grow as God gives increase, resulting in a new Church plant. They will outgrow the homes where they're meeting, and we then build another Community Center in the new area. This process of Proclaiming and Demonstrating Jesus' Love, Word and Power continues everyday, resulting in Multitudes of People's Lives being Changed, and thus more and more Churches being planted.  

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